“Ministers must make the investment needed to help the missing million back into work”

05 November 2012

As reported in the Guardian, one of the key proposals in a report written by the Commission on Living Standards states that governments should "the missing million" women back into the workforce by offering an extra 10 hours of childcare a week at £1 an hour, a move which would cost £2.2bn.

Commenting upon the report written by the Commission on Living Standards, Anne Longfield OBE, Chief Executive of 4Children said:

As the costs of childcare continue to soar, many parents are finding themselves unable to pursue the work and careers that they could as the incentives to work simply do not often pay. If the government is truly committed to helping families seek employment, it must take the proposals contained within the report seriously and make the required investment in childcare.

Helping "the missing million" women back into the workforce will undoubtedly pose a challenge for government, but it is one that Ministers must rise to in order to maintain family living standards and give children the positive start in life that they deserve."

Notes to Editors
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