Why we all need Family Heroes

By Rebecca Fleming, Editor, Take a Break

04 December 2014 / Comments

Rebecca Fleming

It is always an honour and a privilege to be part of the Family Heroes Awards, and, for us at Take a Break, this year was no exception.

A huge number of people nominated their unsung heroes for an award and the standard of entries was incredibly high.

We were humbled by so many moving, uplifting and inspiring stories of selflessness, kindness and courage – from the grieving parents whose mission is to save lives, to the little girl who battled for her friend to be able to walk even though she herself cannot, to the grandmother who took on three little girls to save them from going into care.

What is amazing about our winners is that none of them thinks they are anything special. They all say: ‘Anyone would do what I do.’ Of course, we know that not everyone would.

Not everyone would be like Denise Billington who saw people in crisis and set up a charity to help them get back on their feet.

Not everyone would be like George Mizen who works tirelessly for community harmony after his brother was murdered.

Not everyone would be like Jake Skelton who devotes his life to caring for his grandfather with dementia because, as Jake puts it: ‘He took care of me. Now it’s my turn to look after him’.

By any measure, these people are truly special and I think it is so important that we recognise and celebrate their achievements in public. At a time when our daily news is full of stories about the very worst of human nature, the Family Heroes Awards are a reminder of the good that people can do.

This is the fourth year that Take a Break has been part of these awards and I’m so proud to be involved in something so positive and life-affirming. Take a Break is not like other magazines. We’re not about celebrities. We’re not about the rich and the powerful. Like 4Children, Take a Break is a community, a network that reaches out across the country in which mums look out for one another and families help and support each other to build better futures.

Over the last 20 years our magazine has championed those people who, every day, go the extra mile to help others through difficult times. They are the mums, the dads, the neighbours and the friends who help turn lives around. These awards celebrate and recognise those same unsung heroes. This year’s awards, hosted so brilliantly by the warm and wonderful Richard Arnold, were truly humbling and inspiring.

Rebecca Fleming

Editor, Take a Break


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