4Children - Latest Bloghttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/RSSLatest Blog from the 4Children websiteSun, 22 Mar 2015 04:16:11 Z4ChildrenLatestBlog42d94918-27be-44da-b536-a44b00b71c4ehttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Goodbye--and-thank-youGoodbye – and thank youWell, after 30 years I can’t quite believe I’m in my final week at 4Children. And what a 30 years.2015-02-26T18:30:49Z2d957abb-6b87-47cd-8e2c-a3f700b33ef6http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Why-we-all-need-Family-HeroesWhy we all need Family Heroes2015-02-26T11:07:57Zf5a2106d-aed9-4835-9dd1-a3f001131eadhttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/The-Queen-comes-to-AirplayThe Queen comes to AirplayThe Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited RAF Lossiemouth where they met some of the children who attend Airplay2014-11-27T17:27:20Z48d0baef-63f2-4795-9ecc-a3ea00ff081ehttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/If-I-were-Prime-Minister-for-the-DayIf I were Prime Minister for the DayToday is an important and interesting day for many young people. The Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day 2014 provides many with the chance to ‘takeover’ and participate in real decision making processes.2014-11-21T15:35:38Z7988e9dd-46a2-44bd-851a-a3c700fa255ahttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/4Children-blog-Sam-Gyimah-MP-on-Helping-parents-give-their-children-the-best-start-in-life4Children blog: Sam Gyimah MP to childcare providers on helping parents give their children the best start in life2014-11-21T15:33:48Z673af02b-5639-4391-a2c6-a3c000c4b510http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/4Children-blog-Jo-Swinson-MP-Liberal-Democrats-and-childcare4Children blog: Jo Swinson MP on how the Liberal Democrats will support childcare2014-10-21T13:52:46+01:001f44f13c-c819-40eb-a8be-a3b200ceeafahttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/The-Great-British-childcare-challengeThe Great British childcare challengeAs party conference season gets under way, this is the first in our series of blogs from the main Westminster political parties. Lucy Powell MP, Shadow Minister for Childcare kicks off by setting out Labour's vision for childcare. Next week's blog will be written by the Childcare Minister Sam Gyimah MP. Please note the opinions expressed here are the views of the author and do not reflect the views and policies of 4Children.2014-10-21T13:52:51+01:00fe20a0d0-f4ca-4776-b6f4-a3aa010446fehttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/What-can-the-Education-Endowment-Foundation-do-for-the-Early-Years-Pupil-PremiumLessons learnt from the Pupil Premium2014-10-21T13:52:57+01:000483a403-4bdb-4baa-84cc-a3a0010fb9c7http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/An-urgent-COBRA-style-inquiry-is-needed-into-the-scale-of-child-sexual-exploitationAn urgent COBRA style inquiry is needed into the scale of child sexual exploitationCountless children's lives are being ruined before they have begun because others are exploiting their vulnerability and the agencies who are supposed to keep them safe are failing to protect them.2014-09-18T15:50:27+01:00fdf9cf29-4401-44d0-a42f-a3a400f7939dhttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/The-case-for-the-Early-Years-Pupil-Premium-being-focused-on-Early-LanguageEarly Years Pupil Premium and early language2014-10-21T13:53:09+01:00b922ee21-1dc1-45fa-abab-a3b500f39af3http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Schools-Are-Ours---Lets-Open-the-Doors-for-the-Childcare-Families-NeedSchools Are Ours - Let's Open the Doors for the Childcare Families Need2014-09-29T14:46:56+01:00bf8b2da6-ffc8-4a6e-9bb4-a37900f6b07fhttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Our-2013-National-Family-Hero-blogs-about-her-charityMeet Nicola, who shares with us the story behind her Family Hero AwardNicola Graham won the National Family Hero in 2013 for her commitment and dedication to her charity Reuben’s Retreat. Nicola’s world fell apart when her son, Reuben, sadly died when he was 23 months old.2014-09-08T16:30:45+01:0077686024-284b-4d9e-a71d-a36100ba8097http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/The-State-Our-Children-Are-InThe State Our Children Are InExtracted from The State Our Children Are In, an essay published this month by 4Children as the last in a series of guest essays to mark its 30th anniversary.2014-07-31T14:58:27+01:008b0151d7-92f7-4b13-9f56-a3b500f23c5bhttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Call-the-Health-VisitorCall the Health Visitor2014-09-29T14:41:57+01:0055587bc0-ca3e-44e9-97b0-a34e00fd1d1ahttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Why-I-am-desperate-for-a-childcare-place-at-my-childrens-centreWhy I am desperate for a childcare place at my children’s centreI'm waiting eagerly to hear from one of three local children's centres. My son has been on a waiting list for each of their nurseries for almost two years.2014-07-07T11:19:21+01:00d784f10e-2be0-480d-b2de-a34700c818b7http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Train-fares-should-be-fair-for-familiesTrain fares should be fair for familiesFamilies are a valuable asset to economy but a lack of flexible ticketing can mean parents with part time jobs cannot afford to travel to work, says Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Better Transport.2014-06-11T12:08:31+01:00d80a3292-40ae-48cc-b6dd-a34700c2ed60http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/A-Queens-Speech-for-familiesA Queen’s Speech for familiesBabies born this week have not arrived at particularly convenient time in the political cycle. The last year before the election is unlikely to see major new initiatives that they will benefit from and we know that many families are not getting the support they would want for their newborn at the moment.2014-06-11T11:54:10+01:007a1e1651-93cb-491a-b900-a33f00af34f8http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Strengthening-the-lives-of-two-generations-through-Family-Nurse-PartnershipsStrengthening the lives of two generations through Family Nurse Partnerships4Children chair, Pip O'Byrne, explains how the Family Nurse Partnership transforms lives.2014-06-03T10:39:33+01:0007b78a28-d48c-4310-b645-a33a00c92268http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/How-childrens-centres-matter-to-parentsHow children's centres matter to parentsLisa, a children's centre user describes the help she has received from the centre and why it matters so much to her.2014-06-03T10:38:47+01:00a53f9631-3ce0-4d90-9fd1-a334010c81c8http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Local-government-elections-present-new-opportunities-to-support-family-lifeLocal government elections present new opportunities to support family lifeIn the week of the local government elections (22 May), issues affecting family life were one of the main deciding factors as voters made their choice at the ballot box.2014-05-29T12:14:54+01:00adb1c46f-c6a5-4528-8b9c-a330010308c0http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Childrens-charities-should-support-help-for-those-in-later-life-tooChildren’s charities should support help for those in later life tooIn sixty years time the children who 4Children work with today will be approaching seventy. They will – we hope – be preparing for an active, healthy, happy older age, but the reality is that much of their fate will have already been decided long before then.2014-05-23T16:20:55+01:00c71ed634-fb8c-4277-a4ce-a32900c9746chttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Towards-a-better-deal-for-young-childrenTowards a better deal for young children2014-05-19T16:09:05+01:00eb9f5c69-0364-40fa-ab92-a31e00f4b763http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Supporting-service-familiesSupporting service families2014-08-13T10:05:16+01:00575cf889-1a44-41f5-b658-a2ff01078cc5http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Three-small-words-free-universal-childcareThree small words: free universal childcare2014-05-12T12:28:21+01:009b8f7e5f-2ebf-42e9-953a-a2fb00df6d3dhttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Improving-health-outcomes-for-children-is-one-of-the-highest-priorities-for-every-one-of-usImproving health outcomes for children is one of the highest priorities for every one of usPauline Watts, of the Public Health Nursing & National Health Visitor Programme, writes in the latest of 4Children's blog series, focusing on why improving health outcomes for children is one of the highest priorities not only for the Government but also for every one of us2014-05-12T12:28:30+01:009539f5e6-cec5-411c-accf-a2fb00df1e0chttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Prioritise-health-to-make-Britain-great-for-children-and-familiesPrioritise health to make Britain great for children and familiesThe Director of Children, Young People and Families with Public Health England Ann Hoskins writes in the latest of 4Children's blog series, focusing on how we need to prioritise health to make Britain great for children and families2014-03-27T18:40:13Z13ed7ecb-f599-4832-b2ba-a2fb00dec205http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Intervening-early-and-supporting-vulnerable-familiesIntervening early and supporting vulnerable familiesThe Director General of the government's Troubled Families Programme, Louise Casey CB writes in the latest of our blog series2014-03-27T18:34:54Z9c1214fd-ddaa-4118-aaba-a2fb00ddf5bahttp://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Providing-good-places-to-grow-up-in-is-essential-if-Britain-is-to-be-great-for-children-and-familiesProviding good places to grow up in is essential if Britain is to be great for children and familiesIn the second of a series of blogs around 4Children's new manifesto - Making Britain Great for Children and Families - Julia Unwin CBE, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) explains why providing good places to grow up in is essential if Britain is to be great for children and families. We need families to do more than survive. They need to thrive. The economic climate, cuts hitting services and job insecurity, mean it is little surprise that 58% of parents think life is hard2014-03-28T06:39:49Zea8805ef-f447-4fbd-85e9-a2fb00dd96d3http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/Childcare-matters-for-disabled-children-tooChildcare matters for disabled children tooWith a recent stream of announcements from all political parties on childcare, it is clear that the issue will be a key part of the debate as we head towards the 2015 General Election. However, one area that I do not think has been covered in the debate to date is the difficulties in finding childcare for disabled children.2014-03-27T18:29:03Zb32e6c36-ff26-4d73-84a7-a2fb00dcd409http://www.4children.org.uk/Blog/Detail/A-new-commitment-for-children-and-familiesA new commitment for children and familiesAs politicians debate the right way out of the economic difficulties the country is facing, 4Children is sure of two things: firstly that austerity measures can’t continue forever and at some stage we will need to begin to rebuild and invest as a country; and secondly, as we do so, that support for children and families is the place to begin. To be clear, we’re also sure that this is about much more than just more money being spent - important though that is. If we are to begin to offer...2014-03-27T18:26:14Z