Welcome to the 4Children business health check tool.

Getting Started

To start, select which type of provider you are, from the list below and then click the 'start' button! The questions are the same for each type of provider; we will use this information to monitor usage of the tool by provider type.

Children's Centre
Out of school club
Day nursery

This tool has been developed to help you to think about how you manage different aspects of your early years and childcare business.

It's easy to use- just a series of 25 questions with multiple choice answers. It will take around 10 minutes to complete. At the end, the tool will give you a 'score' depending on your answers and make some suggestions about areas of your business that you might want to think a bit more about.

It will also offer you some links to resources and websites that you might be interested in to help you with your business management.

Not all of the questions may apply to your setting; in which case simply choose 'not applicable'.

The tool is anonymous- you don't have to provide any of your details in order to use it. The only information you will need to supply is your email address in order to have your results link emailed to you.