4Children comments on new Gingerbread research

11 March 2015

Commenting on new Gingerbread research: Paying the Price - The childcare challenge, 4Children’s Chief Executive, Imelda Redmond CBE, said:

"We need modern childcare arrangements for modern family life.

“This research supports the findings from 4Children’s polling that parents paying for childcare were considering giving up work because of the cost. News that some are also resorting to borrowing should sound alarm bells – not only is this bad for families, but it will have wider repercussions for the economy too.

“The research yet again underlines the importance of investment in high quality, affordable childcare support for families – giving children the best start in life and offering parents a real choice around returning to work.

As the election approaches, all parties should put childcare at the top of their agenda and commit to a universal childcare guarantee for all parents of 0-14 year olds who need it, over the next 10 years."


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