Children & Family Organisations

DadTalk aspires to be more than just another website:
  • DadTalk is a community of men championing fatherhood and exploring what it is to be a dad in 21st Century Britain
  • DadTalk gets dads talking on and offline. Whether it's sharing or accessing information, or getting answers to the questions that face us all - chances are, a dad out there has the answers already!
  • DadTalk uses the technology our children are so at home with. DadTalk is by dads for dads and is about connecting to their children's "wrap around technology" world
  • DadTalk is a voice for dads, influencing and challenging society and aspiring to pass on a better future to our kids
  • DadTalk aims to increase fun and confidence for all men with a fathering role


Mumsnet was conceived at the end of the last millennium when Justine went on a disastrous family holiday. The idea was to create a website where parents could swap advice about holidays, sleepless nights and their other halves. Many moons later, who'd have thought it would come to this? The site gets nearly five million visits a month.

Tidworth Mums

Tidworth Mums is a group of mums form in and aroudn tidworth which aims to improve the expereince of anyone with children in the area.

We are not just here to provide information which will be useful to mums with children of all age groups, we are also dedicated to working together to improve the emotional, social, health and economic well-being of women in the local area.



The UK's biggest parenting website with unique local information, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, recipes & friendly support when you need it most.

Families in the Foundation Years

Information for all families in England with children under the age of 5. Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives years than at any other time. That's why they are called the foundations years – the building blocks for life!


PLAYLINK is a multi-disciplinary grouping working to improve people’s – children, teenagers, adults - experience and enjoyment of the outdoors. We work across a variety of settings: general public realm, parks, social and mixed tenure housing, and specialist provision such as schools and children centres.


Phab aims to promote and encourage people of all abilities to come together on equal terms, to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community.


The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people.


RNIB offers support and advice to blind and partially sighted people in the UK, helping people who have lost their sight to find their lives again.

Together for Short Lives - ACT & Children's Hospices

We are the UK's voice for families of children and young people who are not expected to live to reach adulthood. We are here to ensure that these families have the best quality care and support wherever they live and for as long as they need it.

National Children's Bureau

NCB is the leading national charity which supports children, young people and families as well as those who work with them.

The Children's Society

The Children's Society is a children's charity aiming to create a society where children and young people are valued, respected and happy.

Family Rights Group

We are the charity in England and Wales that advises families whose children are involved with or need children’s services due to welfare needs or concerns.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK is part of Family Lives.  Check out our new LiveOnline Support service for every member of the family to get advice direct from our expert team.

NATLL - National Association of Toy & Leisure Libraries

The national body for toy and leisure libraries in the UK. Includes information about membership and outreach projects.

Working Families

Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation.  The charity helps working parents, carers, and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.

Women Returners

Guidance on women returning to work, learning and taking care of family life.

Young Minds

Promotes child and adolescent mental health and mental health services. Also involved in consultancy work, training, and producing information leaflets.

The Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute aims to change work so fathers can be more available for their children, change education so that boys are better prepared for caring roles and to change support for families so that the father's role is better recognised and supported.

Early Education

Early Education promotes children's universal right to education of the highest quality; providing support, advice and information on the best practices for everyone concerned with the education and care of young children from birth to age eight.

Family Action

Our charity is a leading provider of services to disadvantaged and socially isolated families since its foundation in 1869.

The Family & Parenting Institute

We listen and talk to members of all types of families, allowing the organisation to promote the conditions which enable families and children to thrive. Their research, consultancy services and practical support is used to advise policy makers, public services and businesses.

Children's University

The Children's University is a national organisation that provides 7 to 14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours.

Dad Talk

DadTalk is a community of men championing fatherhood and exploring what it is to be a dad in 21st Century Britain.

The Centre for Seperated Families

The Centre for Seperated Families is a national charity that works with everyone affected by family separation in order to bring about better outcomes for children.


Now in its 40th year, CLPE is passionate about raising children's literacy and learning achievement. Our innovative classroom-based research and development strengthens our support for your school or setting.

NHS – Start 4 Life

By introducing healthy habits right form birth, you can give your baby the building blocks for a healthier and happier future.

Child Accident Prevention Trust

National charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled and injured as a result of accidents.

Making the Link

Making the Link is a Child Accident Prevention Trust project which supports senior practitioners and policymakers working to prevent unintentional injury to children and young people in England.


Children's Commissioner

Promoting the views and best interest of children and young people in England.



ContinYou is one of the UK's leading community learning organisations. We believe in the power of learning as a means of achieving social justice. Learning can transform everyone's life chances, their outlook and their health.


Paying for Childcare

Paying for childcare offers advice for working parents, parents in school,  and families with children with disabilities in relation to childcare costs.  


Daycare Trust

A national childcare charity, campaigning for quality, accessible and affordable childcare for all, and raising the voices of children, parents and carers.

Family and Childcare Trust

The Family and Childcare Trust aims to relieve the pressures on family life through three main areas of work:
  • insight - we carry out research to understand family life and childcare
  • influence - we campaign for change to make life easier for families with children
  • information and innovation - we provide information and advice to parents and find ways of supporting families.

PACEY ( formally NCMA)

ACEY is the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. A standard-setting organisation, we promote best practice and support childcare professionals to deliver high standards of care and learning.

Carers in Wiltshire

A charity offering information, support, advice and time out opportunities to parent carers living in Wiltshire.