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Foundation Years

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    As a child centred organisation dedicated to the care, education and personal development of children, we aspire to ensure that all children, young people and their families have access to a creative, safe and child focused environment and activities.

Local services for children and families

4Children works with children, young people and families to ensure access to locally based, joined up support from birth to 19. We deliver childcare, youth activities and family support services across more than 100 settings around the country including nurseries, schools, children’s centres and RAF bases.

We adapt and develop best practice built through national, regional and targeted local partnerships; and use this learning to deliver the highest quality, best value exemplar services to children, young people and their families across the country.

Happy Children Centre

4Children's model

4Children’s community partnership model for Children’s Centre provision aims to create localised, inclusive service hubs that will empower more families and communities to take the lead in decision making and service provision. With more families able to help themselves and those around them, resources can be concentrated on supporting those most in need and on narrowing the gap in outcomes at the local level.

Children’s Centres

From the very early days of the Sure Start programme 4Children has envisaged Children’s Centres as multi-purpose community partnership hubs providing the key point of contact and coordination between local families and the full range of providers in the area. We remain committed to this vision and, through our own Children’s Centres, we are leading the way in making this a reality for thousands of families across the country.


In addition to Sure Start Children’s Centres, 4Children provides high quality childcare and early years support though a growing network of nurseries, crèches and out of school clubs. We work in many different communities, from rural villages to inner city neighbourhoods, to provide a full range of flexible and competitively priced childcare options. We always work with local families to ensure our services reflect the needs and characteristics of the communities we serve.

Young people

4Children has long advocated an integrated 0-19 approach to the provision of services for children and young people. Our Children’s Centres have demonstrated that such services can be effectively co-located and ‘co-produced’ to ensure that children and young people are able to access support whenever they need it, throughout the 0-19 age range, without losing contact with service providers at key points of transition or development in their lives.

We use an innovative and inclusive approach in working with young people from campaigns and participation programmes such as Make Space and Knowsley Young People’s Commission to developing activities for young people living on RAF bases all over the country as part of our Airplay Youth Support programme.

Family intervention

We know that it can be daunting to try to access support from lots of different people and organisations, this is why we advocate holistic, integrated service delivery. 4Children believes that local service providers should work together to address the challenges faced by families today. We work with families from pre-birth through to late teens and early adulthood, providing a full continuum of care for all family members at key moments in their lives.

Our Family Turnaround programme builds on the principle of early intervention and represents a real step forward in holistic support, reducing the need for more intensive and costlier interventions at moments of crisis. Family Turnaround provides value for commissioners and improved life chances for families.