Make Space

Make Space LogoMake Space is a campaign, run by 4Children in partnership with Nestlé, with a clear mission: to transform opportunities for young people aged 11-19 across England via a network of contemporary out of school centres that provide exciting places to go and things to do.

We work with young people and youth workers, schools, local authorities and national organisations. By building on existing good practice and through lobbying, campaigning and development, Make Space seeks to revolutionise the youth offer in this country.

In 2011, Make Space transformed from a campaign into a delivery programme – providing peer-led, practical health support to young people in communities.


Further information

Make Space for Health Programme
The Make Space for Health programme is part of the Nestle Healthy Kids Programme offering opportunities for young people to explore issues such as diet, importance of exercise and individual wellbeing or self esteem.

Make Space Youth Review
The Make Space Youth Review undertook a consultation with 16,000 young people, carried out via a roadshow visiting every region of the county – ensuring that the campaign truly represented the voice of young people.

Make Space Polaroids

Snap-shots of the Make Space Campaign over the years...

Make Space Polaroids

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