Parents and Community Management

There is already a range of ways in which parents and communities support the governance and management of children’s centres. Local authorities and children’s centres are encouraged to build on and develop parental and community engagement in ways that meet local needs and aspirations.

It is important to tailor services to meet families’ and communities’ needs in a tough financial climate. Local authorities are making difficult decisions about how to allocate resources. In doing this they are seeking to ensure that spending on frontline services is maintained and professionals and communities are involved in determining local priorities.

This particular project involves 4Children enabling and facilitating parents, staff and community groups to prepare to take on services or children’s centres

The year long programme starting October 1st 2012 works with each local partner to agree

  • a timed delivery proposal based on a clear outcome and understanding of the local context;
  • a training and development plan with bespoke support to increase each partners skill and knowledge;
  • an exit action plan to ensure long term sustainability;
  • a national sharing event of all local partners.

4Children is working with the Fatherhood Institute and Netmums to ensure that their expertise is part of the local discussions.

We are working with partners in the following areas: Cornwall, Somerset, Greenwich, Lewisham, Northamptonshire, Kirklees, Northumbria, Manchester, East Sussex and Salford.

At the end of the years, 4Children will have a number of working case studies that identify successful ways to support parents, staff and community groups bidding to provide children’s centres and services.

For further details please contact:

John Alwyine-Mosely

Early Years Advisor