Airplay case study: Partnership Working with a local school

01 December 2014

Airplay case study: Partnership Working with a Local School

RAF Leuchars

Starting point and evidence of need

RAF Leuchars is currently drawing down as an RAF unit in preparation to transit to an Army base in 2015.  This will see a significant change and shift of population within the community over an extended period.

Due to the number of children, young people and staff moving, the project will be impacted in relation to its capacity to deliver the clubs and projects.  Subsequently we have been thinking creatively about ways to remain resilient to these changes in our work with children and young people.

Work undertaken

SYW considers ways to provide services to children and young people when  the After8 Club and Climbing Club are winding down and in light of the likelihood of clubs being combined in future to maximise resources and ensure consistent provision.

The SYW suggested to the CDO the idea of contacting the school to offer input of SYW within school time as this would present opportunities for  engagement with a large number of children and young people only require input of SYW, not  the wider staffing team, project resources or the time input for setting up tasks (e.g organising pass access to station for staff).

CDO had been working closely with the local primary schools on drawdown/transition plans and was able to introduce the SYW.

SYW put together a document introducing Airplay and suggesting  possibilities for work within the school (e.g. outreach work, group work, one-to-one support) and perimeters for work within the school.

The SYW met with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher of Leuchars Primary School to explore possibilities

The Deputy Head suggested some outreach work on the yard during lunch times to get to know the school and co-delivering some workshops on resilience would be most beneficial.

Deputy Head, Artistic Director of Byre Youth theatre and SYW met to develop a programme of workshops around resilience.

The programme has been delivered to every class in clusters utilising the Bounce Back resource and staff ideas. The next phase is about to roll out in the Christmas term.


  • Children and young people increase their knowledge of how to stay healthy and well
  • Children and young people increase their resilience particularly in reagard to the drawdown/transition.
  • Children and young people improve their peer relationships and increase their knowledge of how to support their peers.
  • Children and young people who may need extra support are identified early and there is increased support for them.
  • Stronger relationships have been built between the SYW and children and young people
  • Relationships have been built between school staff and Airplay working with children and young people locally to better support children and young people and enable multi-agency approaches.
  • Parents feel there is increased support for their child.

Why was it successful?

  • Children and young people are supported better through sensitive information sharing between the school and Airplay
  • Working with children and young people in a new environment enhanced their relationship with Airplay staff. For example, they were able to share their school work with SYW.
  • New children and young people have accessed the youth club and holiday provision after meeting the SYW in school.
  • School staff are now more aware of the purpose of Airplay and the additional provisions we offer.
  • The SYW being in the school weekly gives opportunities for further partnership work (e.g. Joining the Rights Respecting Schools Committee)
  • Safeguarding issues are flagged up early with school staff
  • The ongoing engagement with the school allows local concerns and problems to be fed back to the school and addressed.