Airplay case study: litter pick

09 December 2013

Airplay case study: litter pick

RAF Wittering
June 2013

Starting point and evidence of need

Young people of Project Tuesday at RAF Wittering were looking at their summer holiday programme and decided that they needed lots of money to subsidise their activities and for their parents to contribute to the trips they wanted to go on. The young people decided to do some fundraising themselves and approached a local charity for money in exchange for litter pick.

Work undertaken

The young people risk assessed the task they undertook. They then completed a litter pick, in the pouring rain, with a real sense of teamwork.

The local authority arrived at the location of our litter pick, by chance, and saw that our young people were cleaning the area. Since this time, the local authority has checked and cleaned the area more regularly.

The young people were able to fund their offsite trips to Laserforce and Jimispices.


Of the task the outcomes were:
• Task completion and money raised
• Fun and teamwork
• Pride in the community
• Local authority involvement
• Positive image in the community

Developmentally the outcomes were:
• Gaining an understanding of risk
• A sense of rights with responsibility
• Team working skills
• Fun and enjoyment
• Peer motivation

Why was it successful?

The young people undertook a process leading it from start to finish and achieved their own goals. Young people leading the activity with youth participation from the rest of the group made this successful.

Although by chance, they have seen themselves the improved involvement from the local authority and feel that they were the reason for this.