Childcare Hub Case Study: Sheringham Hub

06 October 2014

The Hub is based within Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Newham and reaches out to a growing network of providers which currently includes 7 early years’ settings, 7 local primary schools and a network of more than 20 childminders.

The Hub builds on a pre-existing network of providers, who had come together to share practice and build a support network.  The Hub has brought a new energy to the network and a clear focus across its members on driving up quality, improving parental awareness of childcare options in the area, and creating new opportunities for blended childcare. 

“We want the Hub to give more of a sense of options to parents – if they want to engage in training or employment, the system here will support them doing that.” (Hub Lead)

Download the full Sheringham Hub case study