Family Heroes Case Study: Tia Hutchinson, East of England Family Hero 2013

07 July 2014

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Tia Hutchinson won the East of England Family Hero in 2013 for her constant support to best friend Demi, who suffers from Retinoblastoma. Tia set up ‘Tia’s Treasures’, where she sells jewellery that she has made to raise money not only for Demi but also for the cancer charities that supported Demi throughout her battle. We caught up with Tia to see what winning a Family Hero meant to her.

It meant a lot to be nominated because it made more people know about Tia’s Treasures. When I found out I had won I was feeling shy about it but excited to go to London with Mum, Dad and My Brothers, I could not wait to get a nice glittery dress with matching shoes and bag, Mum said I looked like a Princess.

At the ceremony I felt shy because it was a big hall with lots of lights and lots of people but we sat on a table with some nice people and we did have fun because they made me laugh. I am proud of winning it feels like the award says Thank You to me and it makes me work even more hard at helping others. 

Since winning my Family Hero, I was nominated to win another award by lots of my Family and Friends, it was The
Beach Radio Gold Award and I got to wear my dress again yay.

One year on, I have organised Fundraisers with Mum, Dad, My Brothers and other Family and Friends to raise money not just for CLIC Sargent and CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) but lots of other charities too, My Mum had a quick count up and in 3 years we’ve raised around £4,000.  I feel proud when I know I am helping others. I made some treasures for Children in Kenya, they were really excited about the big parcel that they sent me lots of photos of them all with their treasures that made me feel proud too.

I am holding a Karting Event on 28th June to raise money for Lee who is 12 (see photo of me and Lee with his little Brother Curtis) Lee has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and I have another Fundraiser planned for October this year which will be our 6th Fundraiser  and another planned for 2015 which will celebrate 4 years of Tia’s Treasures, I really want to plan a huge one for the Tia’s Treasures 5th Birthday, Mum says I am little but I think big.

What would I say to someone thinking about nominating? I say go for it, it is something they won’t ever ever forget, I loved going to London, Me and My Brothers always talk about it, it was an adventure and I felt like I was famous.”

You can support Tia’s charities by donating or buying Tia’s fabulous jewellery on her website.