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Eat well, feel great

The Make Space for Health programme aims to support the best outcomes for young people by promoting healthy lifestyles and choices in a fun, accessible and informative way.

What you eat and do affects the way you feel. We might not realise it at the time, but research tells us that unhealthy habits in the teenage years – such as smoking, drinking and a poor diet – can have serious long term consequences. Combined with the more immediate impact of issues such as teenage pregnancy snd depression, the health and well-being of young people requires urgent attention and support.

Use the EAT activity pack with young people to raise awareness about the importance of diet and health.

From weird and wonderful facts about food, recipe hints and a food intolerance quiz, to how food affects your mood and skin, eating disorders and a food planner... the EAT pack covers a wide range of topics to inspire and inform.

Download the EAT 'taster' pack (one file).

For the full EAT pack, click on the links below (due to file size, the full pack has been split into five files):

The activity cards are designed to be flexible and easy to use, with signposting to relevant agencies and information sites. Some of the activities involve more group work and role plays; others are exercises for individuals whre the results can then be shared as a group.

Eat is the first of the three modules of the Make Space for Health programme.


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