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Feel good, live well

The Make Space for Health programme aims to support the best outcomes for young people by promoting healthy lifestyles and choices in a fun, accessible and informative way.

Everything we do – our behaviour, actions, relationships, physical activity and what we put into our bodies – is affected by the way we feel. Sometimes this can be a positive thing; we leap out of bed and get everything we need to do that day done on time and really well beacuse we've had a good night's sleep and we're excited about the day. Other times it can be a negative thing; we find that we are unable to leave the house or even finish the smallest task because we are feeling so down or worried about something.

Use the FEEL activity pack with young people to raise awareness about the importance of emotionla health and well-being.

From self esteem, body image and bullying, to friendship, sexuality, substance misuse and a resiliency quiz... the FEEL pack covers a wide range of topics to inspire and inform.

Download the FEEL 'taster' pack (one file).

For the full FEEL pack, click on the links below (due to file size, the full pack has been split into five files):

Feel is the third of the three modules of the Make Space for Health programme.



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