Manifesto for the future: Making Britain Great for Children and Families


4Children mark the end of our 30th year by launching an ambitious new manifesto for the future Making Britain Great for Children and Families at an event held in the House of Commons on 15 January 2014.

The manifesto presents a challenge to politicians, policy and decision makers at all levels of government to reshape this country’s public services, spaces and workplaces in response to the dramatic changes to modern family life. At its heart would be a radical change in the approach to working with children and families to achieve longer term generational change over decades to come, with a culture change in the whole system of support for families which builds a new system of support that is responsive to families; available early to prevent problems developing; and committed to work with the strengths of families if crises occur.

Among the actions of this new #familycommitment we want to see:

  • Children’s Centres extending their reach to older children and their wider families and place them at the heart of the community. Over a million families now rely on their services and we believe this would double these numbers over the next five years
  • Great childhoods for all children, with great Early Years services and support that helps children develop and learn, as well as safe places to play, learn, discover and make friends – from after school and holiday clubs to Scouts, Brownies and Guides
  • Good neighbourhoods to grow up in which provides help and support for children and families that is near to home and is always there, with Children and Family Centres as the hub of this support and public spaces and parks that are designed and run with families in mind and provide safe places for children to play
  • Support to help tackle problems head on before they take over. Though it is estimated that 500,000 families in Britain are highly vulnerable with complex and multiple needs,  we know that many will be able to turn their problems around with this support

Please join 4Children in our call for a new commitment to children and families to build a great Britain for the future.

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Making Britain Great for Children and Families

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