Operational toolkit for planning integrated working


The future of all of children’s and young people’s services lies with integration. Whilst this is quite a well recognised concept and policy drivers from central government support this, it is often much more difficult in practice. 

4Children is developing innovative ways of integrated working, sharing knowledge and ideas and building on good practice around the country through a series of projects running over 2008–2011. This work is supported by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department of Health. This toolkit, aimed at service shapers, designers and planners and deliverers, recognises the common barriers to integrated working and offers action plan solutions to overcome them. 

In this toolkit we share a number of positive case studies gathered from the first project we ran, focusing on the key elements to consider when joining up youth, health and extended services provision. The case studies are useful tools to enable health and youth practitioners to set up, develop and deliver multi-agency services from a strategic and operational perspective.

Use the operational top ten tips to link up with youth and health sector colleagues in your area – and open up a whole new world of opportunities and support for the young people you work with.

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Operational Toolkit

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