4Children respond to 30 hours childcare announcement

26 August 2015

Commenting on the announcement from Government today that there is one year to go before the first parents can access free 30 hours of childcare, Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of 4Children said:

The news that the first parents will be receiving 30 hours of free childcare from next year will be welcomed by many who struggle to make work pay against the high cost of childcare.

“Research tells us that for childcare to benefit children’ development, it must be high quality. That’s why it’s crucial that Government works with the sector to understand the challenges that must be addressed in order for both children and families to make the greatest gains.

“With the funding consultation now closed, we look forward to hearing the results which must ensure funding levels match the needs of providers to deliver high quality childcare and give children the possible best start in life. 


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