Comment on government's wraparound childcare announcement

06 October 2015

Commenting on the government announcement outlining the right for parents to request wraparound childcare from their children’s school, Imelda Redmond CBE Chief Executive of 4Children said:

“We know the significant childcare challenge facing parents when their children start school - the mismatch between working hours and school hours means breakfast clubs and after school provision can be vital to families.

“Last year, four out of five parents polled said they would benefit from their children’s school having a breakfast club, and nine in ten parents of children in primary schools which do not have after school clubs – said they would like one.

“The right to request wraparound childcare for parents is welcome – the demand is clearly there.

“It is good news that government has recognised the potential of school buildings in increasing childcare which meets the needs of modern family life.”


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