Response to child poverty announcement

01 July 2015
Responding to the government’s announcement that they will repeal the current targets and measures on child poverty, 4Children’s Chief Executive Imelda Redmond CBE, said:

After last week’s news that there are 2.3 million children too many living in poverty in the UK, we should today be hearing about the government’s immediate action to get that number down.

“Instead we hear the government’s plans to abandon an internationally recognised measure which will ignore one of the most fundamental factors of child poverty - having too little money to raise your family. 

“It is right to recognise that work should be a route out of poverty, but with two thirds of children in poverty living in working households that is clearly currently not enough. 

“Instead of abandoning a target to eliminate child poverty which they signed up to - we need to hear this government’s action plan on how to end it.



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