Partnership working

Business Development

4Children is committed to working with partners across statutory, voluntary and private sectors to develop sustainable child and family focused solutions to improving social and economic outcomes nationally and at the local level. Through our growing portfolio of projects and relationships we are achieving real impacts, improving lives and supporting families to ensure their children have the best possible foundation for future wellbeing.

We work closely with our partners, our clients and communities to understand the requirements of service design and sustainable solutions. We are committed to developing long term relationships with all our partners.

We firmly believe that by working together we can better understand the changing needs of children and families and better provide them, over the longer term, with the help and support they need to thrive.

Achieving real outcomes

4Children is committed to service provision that is needs led and evidence based. In recent years, through our work on the ground in communities all over the country, we have built a substantial evidence base about what works and how we can best deliver solutions that meet their objectives. Demonstrating the positive impacts of our work is key to advancing what we do through constant innovation. We have invested in embedding methods for measuring impacts and outcomes at the heart of our services, this enables us to understand the mechanisms of added value and how best to target resources where they can make the most difference.

Working together to meet your needs

4Children believes that children, families and communities benefit most if they are able to shape and determine the services and support that affect them.  For this reason, we support local communities to develop and ultimately co-provide their own local services.

Our approach to quality services is both flexible and consistent.  We are committed to a fully inclusive approach to service design that builds on commissioning priorities to take account of the interests of local communities. This approach is underpinned by our commitment to high quality, consistency and openness.

Companies and corporate partnerships

4Children looks to work with corporate partners who share our view that supporting children and families is key to building sustainable communities and improving social and economic wellbeing for the long term. Working in partnership with 4Children will enable you to play a leading role in supporting families and changing lives for the better.

4Children’s activities reach from national policy and strategy through to local community based service provision and we are keen to explore partnership opportunities across our whole business programme. We bring a flexible, professional and committed approach to corporate partnerships.

Suggested opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship of projects and programmes
  • Local volunteering schemes for companies
  • Exploring formal business partnerships and strategic opportunities
  • Developing partnerships in competitive tendering
  • Strategic campaigns, business and operational research, policy