Make Space for Health

The Make Space for Health programme offers opportunities for young people to explore issues such as diet, importance of exercise and individual wellbeing or self esteem.

Launched in 2008, Make Space for Health was designed to inspire, inform and enable young people to live healthier lives in their community.  The programme engaged with young people through non formal opportunities to offer advice and information to young people who might normally struggle to access information on health.

The programme offers learning and sharing of information through participation in a wide variety of practical and fun activities looking at three main areas:

Eat:  Looking at the importance of a Healthy diet and the impact of diet on health and wellbeing

Move:  Looking at the need for an active lifestyle to further enhance individual health and wellbeing

Feel:  Looking at the importance of emotional wellbeing in encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

The programme can be found in three downloadable packs at

Make Space for Health has grown and developed with input from young people and practitioners to create a more direct hands on approach.

Three young Health Champions have been engaged to deliver interactive, fun and practical learning opportunities for young people using Eat, Move, Feel activities as a basis.  The Health Champions engaged with young people and using a variety of methods to get them to think about healthy eating, the need for exercise and the importance of emotional wellbeing.